I got caught in an unexpected rain shower recently, and instead of ducking into the local bakery, where I would have been tempted to spend too much money and consume too many calories, I took refuge in my local community garden and waited out the rain under the shelter of a vine-covered pergola. When the rain stopped falling, I couldn’t resist taking a few close-up shots of the raindrops adorning nearby leaves like tiny jewels.




I love having a community garden nearby; it is a secret refuge and a constant source of joy, so it’s not only fitting for the WordPress weekly photo challenge Close, but also for my Where’s my backpack? travel theme: Secret Places and theย Happinessย theme on This Man’s Journey.


20 thoughts on “Raindrops”

  1. Beautiful rain drops. Reminds me that life can be both simple and happy at the same time. That natures can give as the most amazing experiences that opens of heart to what’s important in this world. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful inspiration.

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