I had to post this photo of the little raccoon I met in Central Park for the WordPress photo challenge. Best hands ever! Ok paws, same difference.

Jazz hands

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20 thoughts on “Hands”

  1. Racoons are one of my favourite mammals and you’ve really done this little guy justice, Ailsa. Did you know their hands are packed full of sense receptors that allow them to ‘see’ what they are feeling. It helps them find food underwater. They spend most of their time foraging by running their hands through the water, feeling for things like clams and crayfish. The behaviour is somewhat ingrained, which is why captive racoons appear to ‘wash’ their food before eating it. Great shot.

    1. Thanks, Heather, that’s high praise coming from you, I really appreciate it. I knew that their sense of touch was the most important, but not why. This little guy did a lot of food washing as I was watching; it was fascinating to observe.

    1. Thanks Paula, hIs hands are particularly striking, but he does have the cutest little face with sparkly eyes. I love his ears too πŸ™‚

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