Twilight in Central Park

I took advantage of the longer evening since the clocks went forward today by going for a wander through Central Park just as the light was failing. It is a lovely time of day to be out and about in New York; I believe it is at its prettiest during twilight hours. Even in the half light, spring was cheerfully bursting out all around. Here are a few of the images I captured.

A host of golden daffodils
Crocus, the herald of springtime
Daffodil getting ready to burst forth
Teeny tiny flash of white
One of the many illuminated archways
The city relected in the water
The path leading up to Strawberry Hill with the Dakota Building in the background

4 thoughts on “Twilight in Central Park”

  1. Wonderful shots — the archway, the flowers, the water reflections — but as much as I like the last (somewhat creepy) photo of the Dakota on the hill, it did remind me of the movie Young Frankenstein. (“Frau Blucher…” Cue the horses whinnying!)

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