Snow falling on ginkgos

Amidst flurries of snowflakes I made my way to Inwood Hill Park today. It’s easy to get to; just hop on the A-train from Manhattan and get off at the very last stop, which leaves you a block away from this lovely park. Gorgeous tree-lined pathways meander up and down gentle slopes, leading you ever deeper into sun-dappled woodlands. I wanted to spend several hours exploring the trails, but the combination of heavy winds and snow-laden branches resulted in the rather spectacular sight of massive branches plummeting from lofty trees and crashing to the ground. I witnessed the even more spectacular sight of an entire tree giving up the ghost and thundering down across a pathway, at which point I decided to cut my excursion short as every single trail I tried was blocked by downed branches and trees. Short as my visit was, it provided some lovely sights. I shall return in more clement weather to see more.

Fallen trees offer tantalising peepholes into inaccessible trails ahead
Snow-laden ginkgo branches

Autumn leaves trapped in mesh outdo any manmade Halloween decorations

Snow-soaked bird foraging for food amongst the fallen leaves...
...whilst savvier birds stay warm in the subway, waiting for the A-train.

For more about my adventure dodging falling trees today, read Snowflakes and Fireswamps, if you’re feeling brave enough!


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