Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Autumn is just starting here in New York, and I’ve seen some incredible photographs on WordPress of autumn really in full swing elsewhere, so this photograph, taken yesterday, is comparatively insignificant. It is, however, significant to me, as it is the very first sign of autumn shining through at Strawberry Fields surrounding the memorial of the late, great, working class hero John Lennon.

Solitary red leaf shines through at Strawberry Fields

To me it captures a little of the quiet reflection of this space, achievable despite the throngs of tourists coming to pay their respects and leave mementos.


Rest in peace, John.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall”

  1. Very nice.
    There are so many images of turning leaves that it’s hard to come up with one that will make the viewer stop and look. I love the delicacy of this, and that single turned leaf in the centre. It’s a very gentle and calm picture.

    1. Thanks Isobel (and Cat) – something about the simplicity of the image really spoke to me, especially given the surroundings. Thanks for stopping by my blog. x

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