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Not your average peacock

Peacocks have got to be the most frivolously decadent of Mother Nature’s inventions. They are a fabulous concoction of colours and feathers and I simply adore them. Which is why, when I heard from Out Walking the Dog about the peacocks that roam the grounds of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in northern Manhattan, I couldn’t resist stopping by to say hello.

As I wandered around the back of the church, two glorious peacocks greeted me precociously, strutting their splendour for all to see.

A peacock and his shadow
Gosh, aren't I fabulous?

The other birds were positively outshadowed, they just didn’t stand a chance.

Outshadowed in the background

A lone squirrel made a brave attempt to compete…

Look at my fabulous tail

…but eventually admitted defeat.

Oh never mind.

But just as these two peacocks were revelling in their feathery glory, out popped a snowy white peacock and stole the show. Apparently, he liked the cut of my jib, because he puffed out his feathers and put on the most spectacular display.

A twirl to the right...
...and a twirl to the left
Closeup, wow!
Ooh, that's a bit rude

He then proceeded to take me on a guided tour of the church grounds, stopping along the way for some fabulous photo opportunities. He is apparently a well-seasoned model.

Through the tunnel we went

He clambered up the church steps, waiting patiently until I caught up, peeping over one shoulder as if to say “I’m ready for my closeup”. Who was I to say no?

I'm waiting
All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.
This is my good side.
A quick pose on the balcony, tail feathers wafting dreamily in the breeze
Ooh look, more steps upon which to pose provocatively
Peacock descending a staircase

And then there was just enough time for a quick lap of the shrubbery before turning in for the evening.

Wind catches his tail as he wanders through the shrubbery

White peacocks are supposed to bring eternal happiness, and I shall be eternally happy I met this lovely creature. Thank you, snowy white peacock, for the time we spent together. Until we meet again.