Weekly photo challenge – Unfocused

This week’s photo challenge theme makes me happy, because I have a lot of out of focus shots just lying around – wildlife move at the most inopportune moments! The one out of focus shot I adore is one I took last autumn at Pelham Bay. A bird was perched on some beautiful yellow foliage, and just as I snapped the photo it launched into flight. I love everything about this photo; the colours, the fact that the leaves are sharp but the bird is soft and the bird’s beautiful eye turned skyward in preparation for flight.

See my other entry this week here.


11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – Unfocused”

    1. I wish I could claim that this was intentional, but in fact it was just a happy accident. I was trying to take a photo of the bird at rest, and just as the shutter clicked, the bird launched. If I had tried to capture the moment, you’d currently be looking at the photo of a branch. 🙂

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