Gulls on the pull

A gull’s guide to dating on Long Beach, New York.

Always make sure you look your best before hitting the scene.
Check out the talent.
Once you’ve spotted the potential love of your life, move quickly…
…because someone else could get there first.
Lucky for you he’s been given the brush-off. Time to make your move.
Yeah. This is awkward.
Try moving closer. Now use your best line – something witty, flirty and irresistible.
You might need to work on the witty, flirty, irresistible part.
That awkward moment when you move in for a kiss and she recoils…
…and leaves.
Better luck next time, champ.

20 thoughts on “Gulls on the pull”

    1. Excellent, glad I’m not the only one that found it funny – they looked so awkward it wasn’t hard to imagine them being socially inept as well. 🙂

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