Waiting to exhale

I found the perfect little beach today and had it all to myself, for not another soul was in sight. I sat for ages just watching the Atlantic rolling in great waves and thundering against the shoreline with gulls swooping and diving headlong into the frothy water. There is nothing more therapeutic than crashing waves, but there is one moment I love above all others. Just as the wave has crested and starts to tumble down, before it dissipates into a burst of foam, there is a moment when there is a perfect curl of water suspended impossibly in the air. I think of it as the moment that the ocean holds its breath.

For more about the beach I visited, and some rather unusual geese, see here.


12 thoughts on “Waiting to exhale”

    1. Refreshing is the perfect way to describe a day spent wave-watching, Lenise. It’s how I remind myself to just breathe. Loved your post from yesterday.

  1. I’ve really enjoyed meeting you through this post Ailsa – an incurable romantic I’d say, and a very attractive characteristic it is too:) I’ll probably never look at that suspended moment again without thinking of your analogy.
    On these tiny waves, I also love the little phloph when it topples to the sand – like a weary exhalation.

    1. Oops, how did I miss this? Yes, there’s definitely a bit of the incurable romantic about me – and you too, I suspect – it takes one to know one πŸ˜‰

      1. Oh yes, something I have to guard against constantly:)

        Don’t worry – I came across dozens of unopened comments yesterday. I kid you not, dozens. Some six weeks or more old … Very embarrassing.

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