The very best Saint Patrick’s Day parade of green

I got up bright and early this morning and ambled down to see the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but when the crowds started to build up, I escaped the insanity of the city and headed north in search of a very different kind of green parade. I found what I was looking for. Spring was in full swing, and blooms were bursting out everywhere.

The sun was beating down, and soon dispelled the early morning briskness. In the bright sunshine, the birds were feeling frisky, and it was contagious. My spirits soared as I watched their antics.

But the most impressive part of the parade was yet to come. I wandered over towards a peacock who was lying lazily in the sun. A couple of people next to me sighed heavily, complaining that he’d been laying there for at least 20 minutes, not even acknowledging them or their demands that he put on a show for them. I didn’t put voice my instinct to tell them they have no right to expect animals to perform upon command, but instead commiserated with their plight. They wandered off disconsolately, and just as they disappeared out of sight, the peacock turned his head in my direction. Then he got up and wandered over to check me out.

Are they gone yet?
How YOU doing?

It seems I passed inspection, because he proceeded to put on the most magnificent display. At first he turned coyly away and spread his feathers, then did an intricate dance which involved twirling and then undulating his feathers creating the most wonderful waves.

I seem to have the most extraordinary luck with peacocks. The last one I encountered, a stunning snow white one, took quite a shine to me also. I made sure to thank today’s peacock for bestowing his dazzling beauty on me and making this the best Saint Patrick’s Day ever.


10 thoughts on “The very best Saint Patrick’s Day parade of green”

    1. They take my breath away every time I encounter them. If you liked this guy, you should check out the snow white peacock I met a few weeks ago, quite spectacular. I wrote about him here. Thanks for stopping by. xxx

  1. A far better Saint Pat’s celebration! Gorgeous. Your post reminds me that I haven’t checked in on the peacock boys of Saint John the Divine lately. They should be in fine form about now.

    1. They were certainly in fine form when I popped by to say hello a few weeks ago. Thanks for letting me know about them, it was such a treat to see that glorious white peacock strut his stuff.

    1. Indeed, Susie, it would appear I bring out the Casanova in peacocks wherever I go. I’m so happy I had my camera with me to capture the show. xx

    1. Thanks Vlad, my favourite snap is the bottom one of the wood duck, the surrounding colours were so muted that the duck practically jumps out of the picture at you. It was such a gorgeous day to be out and about in nature. xxxx

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