Atitlán and Antigua: the flowers

Guatemala is a flower lover’s paradise. Everywhere you turn there are blooms so stunning you stop and catch your breath. I have taken a ridiculous amount of photos of the flowers dripping off the plants here, but so far, the flower I have been most excited to see is the glorious Jade flower.

Isn’t it beautiful? I have been travelling around so much and having so many adventures it’s proving hard to keep current with blogging about it, but I have managed to write about my adventures in Antigua and Lago de Atitlán on my travel blog. The Antigua adventure lives here,  Atitlán was so life-changingly glorious I wrote two posts, Lago de Atitlán  and Life on Lake Atitlán. If you do nothing else today, look at the first Atitlán post, gasp at the sheer beauty of the landscape and book your next vacation there right now.  The following are just a few photos of flowers that I have taken around La Antigua and Atitlán. Suffice it to say, I am in heaven!


6 thoughts on “Atitlán and Antigua: the flowers”

    1. 15 is one of my favourites too! I do sell prints, but am on the road until January so can’t do anything right now. I’ll pop you a line when I’ve turned in my backpack! 🙂

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