Dirty bird

I encountered the most hysterical little bird today. I was sitting on a park bench minding my own business and he plonked down on a branch right in front of me and started grooming himself. Nice photo opportunity, I thought, so I snapped a few shots.

A quick freshen up under the wing
And a quick scrub back there
Have I forgotten anywhere?
Oh yes, there
That's better

I figured the show was over and was about to put away my camera when a troubled look came over his face.

Nope, not quite clean enough
And away we go
Oh yeah, that's hitting the spot
Hang on a minute
Oh my God.
You're photographing this?

He looks a little shocked, don’t you think? Sorry for the invasion of privacy, little birdie.


11 thoughts on “Dirty bird”

  1. Loved the play by play. You’ve managed to make something as common as a preening House Sparrow into a wonderful little moment. Preening is a hugely important business for birds. Feathers must stay clean and straight if they’re going to protect them from the elements and let them fly. Wonderful montage. BTW, just for the record, it’s a ‘she’, not a ‘he’ 😉

      1. It’s the markings. Males have dark brown caps and black near the eyes, even in their winter plumage. Females tend to be a more uniform brown colour. Another fun fact is that house sparrow, which are not native to N. America are actually part of the weaver finch family, not the sparrow family 🙂

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