Golden Ginkgo

As I was rushing along this morning, I noticed all the ginkgo trees along 46th Street had turned a stunning shade of yellow, but sadly I didn’t have my camera with me. This evening, however, as I was on my way back from Zuccotti Park with my camera in tow, I took a few shots of the ginkgo leaves glimmering under the street lights. If the leaves are still on them tomorrow I may try and capture some daylight photos, but I won’t hold my breath, as one gust of wind is enough to send these delicate leaves cascading in flurries to the ground.  These nighttime pictures are fun, though.


6 thoughts on “Golden Ginkgo”

  1. Ginkgo foliage is so beautiful. I especially love the next-to-last image where you can really see the fan shaped golden leaves lighting up against the darker ones in the background. Lovely photos!

    1. I do love the foliage; gingko trees were not really on my radar before New York – but they’re everywhere here. The streets in Midtown are lined with them. So pretty in autumn – and so, umm, pungent when they’re in fruit!

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