Ramble round the reservoir

Autumn has been late getting here this year. Foliage reports anticipated peak hitting last weekend, but there was still an awful lot of green. I went for a ramble around the reservoir in Central Park early this morning to see what was on display. There were some lovely colours and lots of perky little birds.

I love these trees; they're bursting with personality.
It's like a forest of people; each one is a character.

However, despite the wonderful colours on display, the images I was drawn to were surprisingly neutral, but brimming with texture. Maybe it was just my frame of mind, but for me, the following images outshone the most vibrant foliage around the reservoir.

12 thoughts on “Ramble round the reservoir”

      1. I went in the late afternoon, when the sun was still lighting up some parts of the scene but no longer others, and photographed against the light. But I really love these muted colors!

      2. Thanks, Vlaidimir, I was in a kind of ‘muted’ frame of mind that early in the morning, I think that’s why I gravitated towards those neutral colours – I hadn’t had my morning coffee at that point 😉

    1. Thanks Vladimir, the place was teaming with birds today. At several points their chirping was so loud it actually drowned out the ambient noise of traffic! xx

    1. Thanks Melissa, those ducks were hysterical, I could have watched their antics all day. The grackle were stunning, there was a flock of at least 50 of them that swooped by as I was walking the reservoir today, and they glistened like jewels in the early morning light. xxx

  1. Hi ailsapm,

    You have a beautiful eye! I particularly like the depth and sense of distance in so many of these. Knowing how to see things is a talent.

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