Fireswamp revisited

The first time I visited Inwood Hill Park two weeks ago, it was just after an early snowfall, and the weight of the snow on the branches combined with leaves still on the trees led to me having my very own Princess Bride adventure – see here. I promised myself I would return in more clement weather, and after my early morning walk around the reservoir in Central Park today, I made true on that promise. The little I had seen of Inwood Hill Park the first time made me think it would be a spectacular place to see the autumn foliage, and I was not disappointed. The majority of the colour was yellow in hue, but it was still very lovely. This park really feels like a proper woodland environment, with steep hills and deep valleys. Although you can hear traffic from most of the trails, somehow it doesn’t seem to matter, because the views are stunning and you’re too busy clambering up pulse-quickening inclines to care. Here are a few photos I took in this sumptuous park.

I just adore leaf-strewn walkways. Isn't autumn wonderful?
Hi, how you doin'?
There's something deliciously sensuous about the way that twisted branch entwines itself around the trunk.

These roses were an unexpected surprise in the middle of all that yellow.
These guys crack me up, they look like they're having a convention in this holly tree.
Majestic tree trunks

8 thoughts on “Fireswamp revisited”

    1. Thanks Vladimir, I seem to be taking an inordinate amount of squirrel photos recently, I’m beginning to wonder if they’re secretly my totem animal. 😉

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