Watcher in the Rye

Rye in Westchester County is a delight. It is home to not one but two wildlife sanctuaries, both of which I visited yesterday. The first, Marshlands Conservancy, is divided up into a lovely array of diverse habitats – meadow, forest, salt marsh and shoreline – with approximately three miles of trails meandering through it. There were some tantalizing hints of autumn on display.

Halo of red
Autumn beginning to take hold
Marshlands Conservancy shoreline
Delicious fluffiness in the Marshlands Conservancy meadow
Lush forest in Marshlands Conservancy

Just down the road  and sharing the same Long Island sound coastline, the Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary is a gem of a place brimming with wildlife (it is located along the Atlantic migratory flyway) and spectacular scenery.  I didn’t have half enough time to explore so will have to return, but what I saw of it was just enchanting.

Spectacular berries along the trail leading to the salt marsh.
Surveying his domain
Grasses dancing in the salty breeze
Butterfly feast
Taking a moment to reflect

The most unexpected surprise of the day came at the very end – wandering back from the coastline, the towering drifts of grasses opened out into a clearing and right in the centre was a bamboo forest. The mystique and beauty was irresistible; I had to explore. I took this photograph on the way out, but for more photos, see here.

Looking out of the bamboo forest

7 thoughts on “Watcher in the Rye”

    1. Thanks, Caitlin. I’m making a conscious effort to get out and see somewhere new at least a couple of times a month and recording my adventures here. So glad you are enjoying my journey 🙂

  1. Great visit to the sanctuary – I almost feel as if I’ve been there. I actually like the bamboo forest the most, but the blue berries are quite stunning as well. Good luck!

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