Fall aboard

Happy autumnal equinox, everyone. I must confess I have been anxiously awaiting autumn in the hopes that it will forever banish the hateful humidity that has been the bane of my existence here in New York since early June. There was a tantalising dip in temperatures last weekend, but now that autumn has officially arrived, the humidity persists in lingering on and despite the rain, there’s not even a suggestion of chill in the air. To combat my disappointment, I set off for Central Park in search of seasonal colour. I also needed an excuse to break in my new rain shoes.

Rain shoes on their first outing

According to official foliage reports, the trees remain stoically green here in Manhattan, but I did glimpse some hints of what is yet to come, particularly surrounding the reservoir in the depths of the park.

Not especially autumnal; I just love the curves

Spring's host of golden daffodils makes way for an autumnal host of fungi


12 thoughts on “Fall aboard”

  1. Ahh Autumn. I grew up in New England and remember well the change of Mother Natures dress. Not so dramatic here in Hawaii. New Mexico my other home we have just the golds and yellow of Aspen. Mahalo for the reminder. Dohn

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